Overview of BioMatrix Services

BioMatrix enhances patients’ lives by offering a comprehensive nationwide pharmacy with a wide range of services across hemophilia, transplantation, specialty, and digital health technology solutions.

  • Serves hemophilia and vWD patients, with a focus on severe and inhibitor patients
  • BioMatrix provides patients with a highly coordinated team of regional care coordinators, billing experts and registered pharmacists that customize care through close monitoring and care plan adherence
  • High touch patient centric model results in:
    • Less frequent bleeding episodes
    • Reduced number of infusions
    • Less hospitalizations
    • Fewer emergency room visits
    • Decrease in overall health costs
    • Increased quality of life
  • Provides IVIg therapy and orals to patients across the organ transplantation continuum of care
    • Pre-transplant services include desensitization therapies
    • Post-transplant services include immunosuppressive, donor specific antibodies (DSA), and antibody mediated rejection (AMR) therapies
    • Clinical trials to support new therapies
  • BioMatrix also provides IVIg services to patients across other specialty therapeutic areas including neurology, oncology, etc.
    • Expected to launch ResponseRx Program focused on neurology in 2016
  • High touch patient centric model
    • Advanced nursing trained in safe administration of IVIg in the home
    • RN will provide one-on-one patient visits during the entire infusion
Digital Health
  • BioMatrix’s digital health technology platform is designed to improve clinical documentation and care coordination among physicians, transplant centers, and payers.
  • Paired Donation
  • Provides the MatchGrid technology and software to transplant centers to match donors to recipients by pairing “unmatched donors and unmatched recipients”
  • Proven ability to improve transplant matches for patients and grow with volume
  • Launched in 2014 and currently used by 13 transplant centers with 5 transplant center pending contracts
  • Sequence
  • Aggregates all physician, laboratory, pharmacy, and nursing data into one, easy-to-use and manage database that optimizes patient care and coordination
  • Creates a unique global picture of therapeutic impact and treatment efficacy